Information about Heat sink:

Heat sink is a device which designed to absorb and Dissipate heat away from high temperature object.
  heat sink
Heat generated by electronic devices is absorb by heat sink and then transfer it to surrounding. Heat
sink made up of metal, such as copper or aluminium alloy and they are placed with the processor.
Heat sink operation base don fourier’s law of heat:
When temperature exist in body then heat transfer from high temperature to low temperature.
This heat transfer in 3 different ways:
1. Conduction
2. Convection
There are two types of heat sink:
1. Activeheatsink
2. Passiveheatsink
  •  In Passive heat sink there is no mechanical part present.
  •  In active heat sink there is mechanical part present i.e. fan.
Heat sinks are available in various sizes, some areas follows:
heat sink