The raspberry pi is a small computer which is used in the IOT Devices. It is powerful small computer. Raspberry pi was invented by raspberry pi foundation in UK. There are numbers of Raspberry pi versions available to use.
Raspberry Pi
Raspberry pi comes with a SOC system on chip with a ARM processors with a GPU
Raspberry processor have 700 to 1.2 ghz speed and have a ram size from 256 mb to 1 gb.
Raspberry pi make uses of sd card to store the os of raspberry pi.
Raspberry pi have a operating system name Raspbian os .it have suggested by the raspberry pi foundation.it is a linux based operating system .
In raspberry pi others various operating system can be installed to perform various task.
Raspberry Pi
Raspberry pi support s python language well. Its also have a support for a sensors and other devices. It also have usb port , Ethernet ports ,HDMI ports , gpio pins , audio support, Display serial interface , camera interface, sd card slot .
Raspberry pi is a small computer like card. Raspberry pi can also be handled using a commands and through a console.
Raspberry Pi
There are also a other IOT devices like raspberry pi that are pcDuino , Beagle bone black and cubieboard. For raspberry pi 5v power supply is needed. It can be connected through a usb port it is used for a power supply connections.

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