Hey!! Welcome to the world of electronics .we are going to see the contents , schematic diagrams, and various electronics components in this blog .
Electronics is the huge world because of electronics every things , devices ,components are made without electronics and electric nothing would be possible.


First of all we will see what the Electronics is ? and then after we’ll see the various electronics components and schematic diagram , and also electronics devices .
The Electronics also have a various branches here are some listed down as follows :-
  • Digital Electronics .
  • Analogue Electronics .
  • Micro Electronics.
  • Circuit Designs.
  • Integrated Circuits.
  • Power Electronics.
  • Opto Electronics.
  • Semiconductor Devices. Etc’s

Introduction :

Electronics : The Electronics is mainly the transferring the digital signals to analog signals and vice versa . It also used for the Information processing ,Telecommunications , and for the signal processing.
Electronics deals with the Electrons . Other devices are also integrated with the electrical components and some systems are also standalone with the electronics devices.
There is use of transistors ,diode ,vacuum , sensors etc electronics components .
Everyday we use a electronics equipment in our houses, offices or in the industries or a educational institutes etc. we come to across electronics everyday.
Basic electronics includes the transistors ,diode ,resistors ,batteries ,transformers ,inductions etc all works under some laws invented by the particular scientists .
Electronics is a collections of electrics electrons ,signals etc .basically the information is in form of the small tiny electrons that convert into analog or digital signals in electronics.


Modern form electronics equipment are cellphone mobiles ,computers and laptops ,printers ,medical devices used in hospitals ,televisions ,Ac’s etc
We will also see the various electronics components in the next article.

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