In this article the information consists of basic knowledge related to the electronic component Inductor. Inductor is the most basic and important electronic component that is invented by Joseph Henry. The Inductor is represented by L in the electronic terminology. The inductance of an Inductor is measured in SI unit as Henry.





Inductor works on the principle of Electromagnetic Induction.

The inductor is a conductor that is turned into the coiled structure.

Inductor stores the energy in the form of magnetic energy.

According to the law of Electromagnetic Induction, current carrying conductor induces the magnetic field around it.

When the inductor is in the form of coiled structure the magnetic field lines approach in the closest distance and the density of the field lines is high inside the coil.

Since magnetic field lines cannot intersect or coincide over one another, therefore they ensure to move in the closest distance where the density of magnetic field is high.

In this way the Inductor stores the energy in the form of magnetic field.



In case of inductors the current lags behind the voltage by 90 degrees.

The current lags in Inductors because it takes some time to store the current and supply it to the circuit.

Inductor store and supply the energy in very short period of time.

Inductors are the passive element that stores the electrical energy in the form of magnetic energy.

Inductors are generally designed to block AC and allow the DC Current to pass.

Inductors in combination with capacitors acts as the circuit that be used for Tuning and Resonance principle

The equivalent inductance for the inductors that are connected in series in the circuit is the sum of the inductances.

The equivalent inductance for the inductors that are connected in parallel in the circuit is the reciprocal sum of the inductances.

Inductance of the coil depends on the number of turns  of the coil, the degree of overlap, area of cross section and the material of the core inside the coil used.

Inductance can be increased by increasing the

1. Number of turns of the coil.

2. Cross section area of the coil.

3. The degree of overlap that is by using tight wound coil.

Thus in this way the principle of inductor helps to store the energy in the form of magnetic field and enhances its importance as an electronic component and helps in the invention and development of different circuits and helps to solve the complex issues related to the electronics domain and even promotes its use in the electronic field related to the robotics.

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