All about Peltier Module:



Peltier modules are electronic devices designed for cooling object below ambient temperature. It can be used as temperature controller.


Fig 1 shows the peltier module.

From fig 1 we can see that the “TEC1-12057” shows on module which means 12V and 7amp.

Principle and structure:



Fig 2 shows the internal structure of peltier module.

The internal structure of peltier module comprises semiconductor from P-type and N-type Bismuth Telluride Material.

After applying current the thermoelectric effect takes place due to peltier effect.

Applying a dc voltage causes the positive and negative charge carriers to absorb heat from one side and transfer and release it on other side.

Therefore, the surface which absorbs energy become cool and the surface which releases energy become hot.

Working of peltier module:

The peltier module has two terminals i.e. positive and negative.

While applying voltage remember that the connection must be positive to positive and negative      to negative if we connect it wrongly then the module may get damaged.

Because the surface which releases energy becomes hot we need to connect heat sink with it.  


Fig 3 shows the connection of heat sink with peltier module. With heat sink we connected fan because the temperature is too high.

After applying voltage the temperature gets reduce. We measure the temperature using temperature sensor.

Fig 4 shows the how we check temperature of module.

If we put a drop of water on module and when temperature gets low the drop converted into ice. When temperature reaches to negative then it starts to convert water into ice.

Which peltier module is best for cooling?

  • TEC1-12730 253W

How does peltier effect work?

  • The effect creates a temperature difference by transferring heat between two electrical junctions.

What is the use of peltier module?

  • They are used in portable coolers, cooling electronic components and small instruments.

How do you increase peltier efficiency?

  • Cool the hot side

  • Power them at low current

  • Properly insulate the space being used

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